This new build Villa-style property, is set in the eastern part of Tuscany close to the Town in which Michelangelo was born. The property is close to the heart of the region in which the Renaissance artist, Piero della Francesca, worked and lived. The site is set on one side of an ancient Pilgrim route between Assisi and la Verna, on a south-west facing hill. Reached by traversing a long and remote gravel track, the views from the site are extraordinary and the design takes full advantage of these.

The proposal included major landscaping works on the adjacent land, a new seven Bedroom house and Outbuildings. The house was constructed in traditional simple Tuscan style, using local materials and local expertise. The villa is arranged on three separate levels and is designed to allow for maximum flow and generosity of ceiling height and spaces.

The project was completed within two years on a tight budget, but the quality of the key materials was never compromised. An excellent standard was achieved in the final delivery. Several aspects of the construction process were unusual, in that the house was required to conform to the Seismic Code and the key to this is to build very good and strong foundations. Full integration of servicing of the property was a high priority, with internet access interface being able to control the lighting, sound and heating.

All the most appropriate local architectural features, often sourced from local buildings adjacent, were carefully designed and then integrated into the construction. These carefully selected ‘older elements’ were then incorporated into the building, creating a distinct sense of settled and established design aesthetic. Pietra Serena stone staircases, bespoke Joinery, marble Bathrooms and bespoke metalwork were all carefully integrated into the design in order to create a harmonious whole.

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