Ian Wylie Architects is a medium-sized specialised practice with a strong focus on delivering high-quality private residential projects, in particular in London, but also throughout the UK and abroad. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of architectural services with full flexibility for our clients. The high-quality output relies upon our attention to detail, not only in the quality of our designs, but also in the personal service that we provide.

We fully recognise that every building and its context is unique and we strive to make the very best of each situation. Our cumulative professional experience and enthusiasm constantly informs the design process to the delight of our clients.

The firm was established in 2006 and much of our project work is related to listed buildings and sensitive conservation areas. While work on listed buildings requires strict adherence to planning policy, we very much pride ourselves on achieving imaginative yet historically appropriate solutions that are relevant to modern living. In all situations we maintain an absolute focus on achieving very high quality work, but with an equally firm eye on maintaining financial control.

Our Approach

The practice relies heavily on teamwork both within the office environment but also our collaborations with fellow professionals and contractors. We have established a strong positive record of obtaining complex or difficult planning permissions and listed building consents, often set in the most sensitive Conservation Areas.

Undertaking a project involves a significant amount of clear and analytical thinking about client priorities. This must be balanced with the budget, which is inevitably deployed to maximise the building’s potential. It is all about creating a quality of environment and design. Both of which act together to enhance the client’s investment of time and money in their project.

As an RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice, we seek to guide our clients through this multi-staged process, to make it an experience that is as efficient and rewarding as possible.

The Process

With many years of practical and professional experience of building projects for our clients, we can draw on the many advantages of involving the architect from concept to completion.

We are well able to advise our clients on all the likely stages involved in a building project. Guiding our clients from the earliest encounter, assists them in focusing their ambitions and defining their brief. This is an important part of our role and one that sets the tone of the project. The possibilities and options are explored, through a series of concept designs which are later developed into planning and / or listed building submissions. Once approved, the design is further developed in preparation for pricing and construction. Finally, on-site monitoring and quality control is an important aspect, which is essential to a successful project.

About Us

The Team

Ian Wylie


BA BArch, MSc (Proj. Mgt), ARB, RIBA, FRSA

For over thirty years, Ian has continued to develop an individual, timeless and desirable design approach, which is tailor-made for a wide range of Clients and Project commissions. Concentrating on private residential work of exemplary quality, the design style has successfully married the traditional with the contemporary.

Ian established the practice in 2006, starting out with a key commission which was designed and developed on the Dining Room table and then swiftly led to further work. He has since overseen the company’s growth and retains a relentless focus on producing high quality spaces and built form. Having developed an unerring ability to unpick complicated design briefs, he uses all his professional experience and insight to unlock the full potential of the projects he works on.

Due to Ian’s extensive and direct experience in engaging with Local Authorities across London and the UK, he has established himself with a strong positive record of obtaining complex and difficult planning permissions and listed building consents for his Clients.

Ian sets a very high premium on achieving high quality bespoke design, which is further augmented by frequently working with many well-known and respected Interior Designers. This holistic approach, ensures optimum design results. Many Clients have returned for the invaluable insight and experience by Ian and his practice. His care with design and detailing, stems from a deep-rooted understanding and respect for the history and tradition of the original architectural styles. Ian is known for expertly harnessing and tailoring the design to best suit the needs of his Clients - always achieving high quality results.

Jonathan Brown


BSc (Hons) Construction Management, PGDip/Surveying

Jonathan has worked with Ian Wylie for over twenty years and was a founding member of the practice. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying from Reading University/College of Estate Management, following his undergraduate training in Construction Management.

Jonathan enjoyed his early career working for a number of high profile architectural firms, including Hamilton Associates and Heber Percy and Parker. He then joined Ian, at an In-House private company, assisting with the management and design co-ordination of projects that form part of an international portfolio for a significant private family.

Having formally joined IWA at its inception, his main role has continued to develop and focuses in particular on overseeing design co-ordination and detailing of projects. Jonathan manages the younger members of the office as a mentor, who rely on his extensive practical and design experience. He is famously known for his attention to detail and managing the office computer systems.

Paula Tosas

Senior Architect

BA (Hons) Prof. Dip Arch, M Arch, RIBA

Paula joined IWA in 2014 as a fully qualified architect in Spain. She has since registered with both the ARB and RIBA and, as such, has become officially recognised in the UK. Prior to joining IWA, Paula was a lead designer at Frederique Titeux based in France, where she predominantly worked within commercial design and successfully delivered three 4 and 5 star hotels in Brussels, Paris and Lyon respectively - from inception through to completion.

Paula spent four years as a Director at Coco Architects before being made Partner. In this Practice, she was involved in two high profile nightclubs in Barcelona, won several competition bids and featured as a guest lecturer at both East London University and Canterbury University.

Having joined Ian Wylie Architects, Paula plays a key role in managing several high-end projects within the Practice. With her unerringly good design eye and a hawk-like instinct for good organisation, she is a key adviser to Ian. Paula also mentors many of the architectural staff who appreciate her guidance and wisdom.

Tobias Boshoff

Senior Architect

BA (Hons), Prof. Dip, PG Dip, MA, ARB, RIBA

Tobias joined IWA in 2013. He is an RIBA chartered architect and holds an MA in Architecture Sustainability and Design. Before joining IWA, Tobias worked for several years at other well-known and respected London design led practices, where he contributed to a wide variety of high-end and conservation based project types.

Tobias has developed an ability to successfully manage projects of different types and scales. Having such broad experience of building and delivering projects, he has acquired extensive skill at managing and advising on contractual matters and is a valued senior member of the architectural team. He is passionate about design, achieving appropriate and balanced solutions and assists, as a senior team member, with all stages of delivery. This very much includes listed buildings, requiring a rigorous and detailed approach. Within the office, he is responsible for co-ordinating some of our most complex and demanding projects, with particular emphasis on clear structure and an appropriate architectural style and high-quality finishes.

Frederice Koch


BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), PG Dip, ARB, RIBA

Freddie first joined IWA in 2014 as an Architectural Assistant, before undertaking her Master’s studies at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where she graduated with first class honours. Her graduation project was shortlisted for the Archiprix NL 2016, as well as the Mies van der Rohe Foundation ‘Young Talent Architecture Award’.

Before returning to IWA, Freddie worked for several years at Wilkinson Eyre Architects, where she was part of a team that worked on multiple competition winning bids. She has gained extensive experience on the delivery – from competition to conception - of large scale mixed-use developments both in the UK and overseas. Freddie re-joined IWA in 2019 and has since fully qualified as an architect. She is passionate about solving the many challenges of listed buildings and particularly enjoys finding modern and sustainable solutions that sit well within their historic environments. She demonstrates a flair for construction and contract management and has an exceptional focus on attention to detail. Within the office, she is responsible for co-ordinating some of our most high-end residential projects and assisting with internal coordination of the office team and project management strategies.

Enes Dizdarevic

Architectural Assistant

BSc (Hons), PG Dip

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree from University of East London, Enes first joined IWA as an Architectural Assistant in 2014. He later was awarded his Postgraduate Diploma from the London Metropolitan University, which was achieved at a high level. He focused his academic interests on social, international and community-based projects.

Following his Diploma, he joined SWAP Architects, where he was able to work on a range of different scaled projects, including medium sized, mixed-use and residential developments. As part of his work for SWAP he has participated in several competition winning bids.

Enes has re-joined IWA in 2019, and was able to seamlessly take control of design and site-coordination for some of our most high-profile and high-end residential projects. By managing projects on site and becoming a key liaison link with the Design Team in the Office, he has consolidated his role on key projects, from inception through to completion.

Enes Dizdarevic

Architectural Assistant

BSc (Hons)

Dimitrios joined IWA as an Architectural Assistant in 2016, following the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree from University of East London. He is currently undertaking the final year of his Master’s Degree at London Metropolitan University, where he is carrying out research on a range of different housing typologies, while focusing his interest on large-scale high-density housing.

Dimitrios has gained an extensive amount of experience, running projects on site and has successfully completed a number of high quality refurbishment projects. He has a keen eye for detail, design and materials, including innovative design solutions. He is highly tenacious in striving to achieve the highest standards on the projects on which he works. He has developed a keen eye for graphic and design excellence.

Marija Stoliarova

Architectural Assistant

BSc (Hons)

Marija joined IWA as an Architectural Assistant in 2018, following the completion of her Bachelor’s Degree from University of East London, graduating at a high level. She is currently undertaking her formal gap-year commitments for her on-going university studies.

She is actively involved in a number of very high-end residential and conservation projects and is working on the detail development stage on a range of projects. She has gained extensive experience, assisting senior staff with research, scheduling, detailing and analysis of tricky problems. Marija also has a keen eye for detail, design and materials and maintains a close focus on achieving a good balance between these key aspects. She has successfully completed a number of high quality refurbishment projects.

Hema Kelly

Office Manager

Hema joined IWA early in 2019, having worked for a private family for many years as PA, property manager and staff manager. Ian has known and worked with Hema for over nine years and her more recent direct involvement with IWA was greatly welcomed. She is currently undertaking her formal HR academic studies to support her in this role.

She is involved in every aspect of the work of the practice and its day-to-day management. As such, she supports the team and individuals within the practice, as well as being the lead liaison with the financial controller. Hema has quickly learned the specifics of an architectural practice, which have several strong similarities to her previous professional experience.


Financial Controller

Peter joined IWA over eight years ago to assist with the financial management of the business. Prior to joining IWA, Peter had acquired over 25 years of experience working for a major National Bank. In his new role, he provides essential monitoring, reporting and financial assistance to the company. Ian has known Peter for over thirty five years and his fiscal rigour is much valued.

He is involved in every aspect of the time management and strategic outlook for the practice, including the day-to-day planning and reporting. He supports the team in many ways with astute advice and is also a mentor to the more senior architects, assisting with the management of their projects.


Office Assistant

Bailey joined IWA in early 2019 as a junior Office Assistant and he is currently engaged on a part-time basis. Aside from his extensive office duties, Bailey leads a number of fascinating bespoke walking tours of Marylebone, when he is not taking a nap. Once awake, he specialises in identifying members of the team that bring lunch into the office.

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